Asserting everyone’s right to access and everyone’s ability to understand the law – we attempt to demystify legal terms, concepts and procedures so that everyone, especially those neglected by the system of justice can find themselves more included. Law can then be the framework for liberation rather than of oppression by the elite. To do this, IHRC, takes legal education as a mission. It continuously campaigns to broad constituencies for better understanding about the law and the judicial system through different channels in the variety of Indian languages, and through material that is focused on its target audience.

IHRC is also part of the campaign to bring human rights law education into the mainstream. The aim is to incorporate international human rights principles into Indian law and in turn influence constitutional law in foreign jurisdictions through the development of innovative and path-breaking case law in India. In that sense, IHRC sees itself as part of the learning process.

Seminars are organised, with an aim to sensitize them to the particular problems faced by dalits, the disabled, children, women, victims of sexual harassment.

We also foster the formation of community-based legal teams and law collectives nationally to achieve these goals on a larger scale by helping activists network with lawyers and by sharing our knowledge and practical experience. As the access to justice movement grows it challenges the privilege of knowledge on which oppression sanctified by institutionalized law is based. People know their rights, they fight for them, and the monopoly over law is shattered to create a more equitable and just society.

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